Improve Livelihoods.
Increase Productivity.

Simple reading glasses have demonstrated the largest ever recorded productivity increase from any health intervention in a randomized trial. Above all, eyeglasses are a livelihoods intervention. Just when skilled workers are peaking in their abilities – be they artisans, tailors, mechanics, or farmers – age-related blurry vision jeopardizes their livelihoods and their income. Eyeglasses fix that, enabling adults to maintain their productivity, extend their working years, and continue to care for their families. 

Factory and Agricultural Workers

60 - 80%

of workers acquire their first pair of eyeglasses in VisionSpring’s Clear Vision Workplaces and See to Earn communities.

Productivity Increase


average increase and 32% increase in productivity among workers over age 50; recorded in randomized trial demonstrating the impact of reading glasses on productivity of tea pickers in Assam, India. 

Defect Reduction


decrease in product defects as reported by garment workers in S.Asia who were provided eyeglasses.

Clear Vision Workplaces: A Triple Win

Kenneth Hansen


increase their income earning potential and experience improved quality of life.

Kenneth Hansen


benefit from productivity gains and employee retention.

Kenneth Hansen


see higher achievement against quality standards and advance worker well-being initiatives

Create Clear Vision Workplaces in Your Factories, Agricultural Estates, or Supply Chain.

How it works

  1. Training of select factory employees to become Vision Champions to provide onsite vision awareness activities in the weeks and months prior and  following the Vision Camp
  2. Onsite vision screening and diagnosis of vision errors by skilled optometrists
  3. Same-day dispensing of near-vision glasses and delivery of custom prescription glasses with guidance for proper wear and care
  4. Our teams work with managers to ensure workers receive quality care while keeping time away from the factory floor to a minimum
  5. Providing participants with materials to promote vision awareness among their families and communities

Insights & Customer Success Stories

Several companies and initiatives have already incorporated Clear Vision Workplaces into their supply chains and worker well-being initiatives.

Effective Altruism

Making philanthropic investments in high-impact, low cost livelihood interventions?

Sponsor a Clear Vision Community

Co-create a project focused on working-age adults to bring the magic of clear vision to a community or stakeholder group of importance to you or your business.

Make a Gift to the See to Earn Fund

Pool your resources with other contributors. For every $5 you donate, a low-income adult will get a pair of eyeglasses and an average increase in income of $216 over the two-year life of the glasses. That’s a 43-fold return on your investment.

What Partners & Workers Are Saying


Resources for Partners

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Partner Portal to Get:

  • The workplace self-assessment
  • Educational content for workers and managers
  • Vision Champion training materials

Become a Certified Clear Vision Workplace Implementer

For organizations with skilled optometrists and a track record of conducting outreach.

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