Support VisionSpring

“See well, do well.” That’s the moto here at VisionSpring. We are an international social enterprise creating access to affordable eyewear everywhere. Not your traditional non-profit, we sell radically affordable (and durable and stylish!) eyeglasses to people who earn less than $4 per day.

Imagine trying to do well in school, but you can’t see the blackboard. A simple pair of eyeglasses improves a student’s chances of succeeding in school and beyond. For adults, they increase productivity and income earning potential. Thanks to friends like you, this year VisionSpring will sell 1 million pairs of eyeglasses in more than 20 countries.

For our low-income customers, the glasses cost about one day’s wages. But what the customer can afford, doesn’t cover all of VisionSpring’s costs. That is where your tax-deductible donations come in. For every $5 you donate, we can deliver one pair of eyeglasses.  And one pair of eyeglasses can help the wearer to earn an additional $108 per year. That’s a great return on investment!




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