SEE TO LEARN: New York Times reporter Andrew Jacobs interviewing students like Shivam Kumar at a VisionSpring school eye screening in Panipat, India. This year VisionSpring will help 90,000 children to see clearly.
SEE TO EARN: In the recent New York Times article, India Country Director Anshu Taneja says that “providing that first pair of glasses is pivotal; people who have experienced the benefits of corrected vision will often buy a second pair if their prescription changes or they lose the glasses they have come to depend on.”
4,400,000 Eyeglasses Distributed!
624 million

could have their vision restored
with a pair of glasses.


of those living with uncorrected
vision are in the lower income countries

This results in an annual loss of
$202 Billion
to the global economy.

glasses can increase productivity by


Glasses have the potential to increase monthly income by

VisionSpring has created
$801 Million
in economic impact

economic impact

For every $5 donated VisionSpring provides someone in the lower income countries with access to glasses.
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