Before Toti and Omprakash bought their VisionSpring glasses they were having trouble seeing the insects that were ravaging their crops. Click here to watch their story.

Reaching Our Customers

VisionSpring conducts targeted outreach in communities that have limited access to eye care. A vision campaign usually takes place at a school, church, or community center. VisionSpring sets up a

temporary exam room to conduct vision screenings with a pop up shop outside that sells eyeglasses and protective sunglasses – we call this a vision campaign.

Why we conduct vision campaigns?

Many of our potential customers have been affected by vision loss for years and have resigned themselves to living with a condition they think is unavoidable. They do their best to maintain a high level of productivity at their jobs, yet their work inevitably begins to suffer as their vision worsens, and headaches often exacerbate their discomfort while working.

Glasses at traditional optical stores are frequently too expensive

for our target customer and most optical shops still require a full ophthalmologic exam before dispensing reading glasses. For our customers, every day of income is critical and taking two days off from care giving or work to obtain a pair of glasses is not an option. In India, it can cost one of our target customers $10 in lost income and travel expenses to obtain a $4 pair of reading glasses. These same reading glasses can be easily purchased in the US and Europe at pharmacies, airports, and bookstores.

Promoting the Campaign

Prior to the vision campaign VisionSpring visits the community and meets with leaders to obtain support and local buy in and to distribute marketing materials that advertise free vision screenings and the prices of our glasses. We engage directly with community members by educating them on eye care and the relative ease of correcting vision impairment. In many cases potential customers are not aware just how badly their vision has deteriorated until they attend a vision campaign and instantly have their vision tested and corrected.

The Screening

Whether the campaign is being held in a local church or the mayor’s office, VisionSpring sets up the vision screening station in a darkened room with eye charts to help determine the severity of the vision impairment. In order to accommodate customers that are illiterate we utilize the Tumbling E diagram that enables individuals to simply point in the direction that the “E” is facing instead of being asked to read letters.

After the screening process, VisionSpring provides individuals with a prescription for reading glasses (and at some campaigns prescription glasses as well) a referral either to a VisionSpring optical shop for prescription glasses or advanced eye treatment with an ophthalmologist, or a referral to a local eye hospital if they are showing signs of cataracts or other eye disorders. Those who are not experiencing any vision impairment leave the vision campaign with a better understanding about proper eye care and the importance of annual eye exams.

Frame Selection

Understanding that fashion is as important as function, VisionSpring offers a wide selection of frames for our customers.  The vast majority of the individuals in need of glasses purchase them on-site and leave the campaign satisfied customers. However, if a customer cannot find a style that suits his or her taste at the campaign, they are encouraged to visit a VisionSpring optical shop where they can choose from hundreds of styles.

The Purchase!

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