Dipti is a potter from Tangail, Bangladesh.  Before buying a pair of VisionSpring glasses she was only able to make 2 clay pots a day, for which she earned $1.50 each.  With corrected vision, she now has the capacity to make up to 10 pots per day, sustaining her career and her family’s livelihood. Watch her video!

VisionSpring's Distribution Channels

We believe that an active market (where eyeglasses are being sold and a small profit is being earned by a distributor) provides the best likelihood of creating a lasting vision solution in the community.

Previous efforts to address the challenge of vision impairment have included the irregular distribution of donated glasses, and medical interventions such as cataract surgeries that restore vision to older individuals that are already retired from the workforce.

VisionSpring recognizes the potential to have a dramatic impact on development by engaging the BoP, not as a constituency that needs to be served with handouts, but instead as a potential market that can be activated through a high-volume and low-margin approach.  Learn more about how we make markets work. 

In order to address the global eyeglasses market failure affecting 624 million people who could have their vision restored with a pair of glasses, VisionSpring has forged new distribution channels to deliver affordable, high-quality eyeglasses to the BoP consumer.

Outreach Approach

Vision Entrepreneurs In order to expand access to vision care and eyeglasses for the BoP customer, VisionSpring brings vision campaigns to rural and urban communities that have limited access to eye care services. Many individuals that attend our vision camps have never before received an eye exam.

See Reaching Our Customers for more information.  

Partnership Approach

VisionSpring partners with non-governmental organizations, governments, social enterprises and private businesses to distribute eyeglasses using their existing distribution channels. By leveraging existing distribution channels, as seen in our partnerships with BRAC in Bangladesh and Vision for a Nation in Rwanda, we are able to greatly expand our reach into countries and areas of countries where we do not have an on-the-ground presence.  This increases the distribution of eyewear to the BoP consumer while keeping costs low.

In Bangladesh, we partner with BRAC to train community health workers (Shasto Shebikas) to conduct vision campaigns where they give basic vision screenings and sell reading glasses to customers.

VisionSpring is looking for new partners to help expand access to eyewear globally.  Click here if you are interested in becoming a partner or would like to learn more about our partnership model.

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