Naubat Khan is a 45 year old truck driver from Mewat, India. For the last 8 years he has experienced blurry distance vision. After purchasing a pair of glasses from a VisionSpring eye camp he no longer gets headaches and is a safer driver! See his story.

Commitment To Our Customers

Customer Feedback Loop

How We Listen
Our customer feedback loop begins with the close relationship our vision entrepreneurs foster with their customers. They gather insights and opinions from customers about our products and services and channel that information to VisionSpring. This data informs our entire business model including the frame styles, the customer experience, and prices.

Why We Listen
Because their budgets are tighter, BoP consumers are more price-discriminating than those with a higher capacity to pay. VisionSpring continues to seek out customer input to ensure that the products we deliver meet the demands of our customers.

What We Listen For
Each pair of VisionSpring eyeglasses must be: affordable to fit into a limited budget, functional to resolve the vision need, and stylish to make our customers look and feel great. We listen for customer needs and preferences and work with manufacturers to develop styles suited for customers at the Base of the Pyramid.

Product Innovation
Customers differ from region to region – customers in southern India have different needs and preferences for eyeglasses than those in the north; customers in Bangladesh differ from those in South Africa; and rural customers differ from their urban counterparts.

By staying close to our customers, we have developed a rich product offering that meets the tastes and conditions of each region.

One such example is VisionSpring’s design of clear UV protector glasses to meet cultural preferences of customers who wanted to protect their eyes from the sun and debris, but did not want dark shading offered by sunglasses.

Watch how VisionSpring helped a teacher in Bangladesh.

A Frame For Every Face


Our customers vary in many ways: in age, race, ethnicity, and occupation. However, they all have one thing in common: their communities all lack access to the affordable, quality vision care they need to work and earn a living. Because of the great diversity of customers, VisionSpring has developed a suite of products tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Single Vision Reading Glasses Single magnification used to correct up-close vision required for reading, writing, computer use and detailed manual work. Perfect for the customer whose work demands precision and attention to fine details. Clients: artisans, metalworkers, book keepers

Bifocals Offer the same up-close vision correction as single vision reading lenses, but do not need to be removed for distance use. Ideal for someone too busy to remove glasses for distance vision. Clients: shopkeepers, drivers, multi-taskers

Prescription Glasses Customized lenses to correct a broad range of vision problems for customers of all ages. Vision entrepreneurs refer customers requiring prescription glasses to a local VisionSpring Optical Hub or partner hospital. Clients: school-aged children, drivers

Photochromic UV protected lenses that gradually become darker in response to the level of light exposure. Offer indoor and outdoor functionality for customers who want an all-purpose lens. Clients: delivery persons, farmers

Protectors Provide UV protection from sun, wind, and debris for the prevention of Pterygium, cataracts, redness and irritation. For customers who prefer the look of regular glasses, but require the protection of sunglasses. Clients: drivers, contractors, professionals with prolonged periods outdoors

Sunglasses Provide protection from over-exposure to sun, wind and debris. A stylish option for those who do not require additional magnification. Perfect for customers who work outdoors. Clients: farmers, construction workers

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