Accessory Pouches Black

Accessory Pouches Black
  • Accessory Pouches Black

Accessory Pouches Black

Model #: 10011-1
Dimensions: 17.5 - 9
Min. Order Qty. 1 Box      1000 Units/Box
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First Time Buyer Help

When introducing ready-made near-vision eyeglasses to your product offerings for the first time, it can be difficult to figure out the proper arrangement of frame styles, colors, and lens powers. 

For frame styles and colors, we generally recommend a variety of frames suited for different genders and tastes, while also accomodating for differences in color preference. Most end-users prefer the black, red wine and tortoise shell colors of eyeglasses. If you're not sure what your customers prefer - it's always good to ask!

When it comes to lens power breakdown for near-vision eyeglasses, please see the below table for a suggested power breakdown.


Box Qty
+ 1.00
+ 1.50
+ 2.00
+ 2.50
+ 3.00

Eyeglasses Dimensions

A - Height : 17.5
B - Width : 9