Our Staff

Ella Gudwin


James Naylor

Director of Technology / Product Manager

Nira Jethani

VP, Global Finance and Administration

Chris Calvosa

VP, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Anshu Taneja

Country Director, India

Martin Quinn

Associate, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Sam Brundrett

Manager, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Aminah Yoba

Development Officer

Nadia Rivera

Special Assistant to the Founder and President

Reade Fahs, Chairman of the Board

CEO and President,
National Vision, Inc.

J. David Chute

Founder and President,
i2C Ventures, LLC

Charles de Gunzburg

FdG Associates LLC

Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene Brand Strategy

Dr. Jordan Kassalow

Founder and Co-Chairman

Jamie Levitt

Morrison & Foerster

Cindy Levine

Cindy Levine Group

Nancy Rosenzweig

Scandinavian Child Inc.

Rahul Saxena

RNS Global, LLC

Brian Trelstad

Bridges Fund Management

Andrea Coravos

Harvard Business School

Kevin Hassey

Former CEO, VisionSpring

Nira Jethani

VP, Global Finance and Administration

Nira Jethani oversees VisionSpring’s administrative and financial systems, including finance, accounting, human resources, communications, and infrastructure. Prior to joining VisionSpring, Nira spent 12 years in corporate banking as a Relationship Manager with the primary responsibilities of analyzing business risk, providing corporate and leverage loans, and selling new banking products for Fortune 500 companies. She graduated from NYU Stern School of Business, with a major in Finance and International Business and speaks English, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish. When Nira is not keeping VisionSpring in order, she loves spending time with her husband and two adorable daughters.

What excites you most about VisionSpring?
Being part of a mission that truly changes peoples’ lives in the most remote areas where people don’t have access to simple things such as glasses which we take for granted.  Working towards a unified goal of improving vision but also while working towards this goal, I am proud of  the fact that VisionSpring is also creating jobs in the developing world with its current business model.

What’s your first memory wearing glasses?
I got glasses after college.  I was at a basketball game and a friend pointed out that I should be able to see the score on the scoreboard…I thought he was crazy.  I said “That is so far, are you sure?”  Well, that prompted a visit to the optometrist and I soon got my first pair.  It made a world of difference going to movies, seeing signs on roads (that I was supposed to be seeing!) and driving… I no longer was squinting.  Life was smoother and I got less headaches.

What’s your favorite VisionSpring glasses style?

Favorite quote:
“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take the step.” – Gemma Stone

Favorite place to travel and why:
I love visiting Portugal with my family. There are family connections there that go back to my Mozambique roots…it brings me back to some fond childhood memories and allows me to make my family a part of this memory.

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