Our Staff

Ella Gudwin


James Naylor

Director of Technology / Product Manager

Nira Jethani

VP, Global Finance and Administration

Chris Calvosa

VP, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Anshu Taneja

Country Director, India

Martin Quinn

Associate, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Sam Brundrett

Manager, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Aminah Yoba

Development Officer

Nadia Rivera

Special Assistant to the Founder and President

Reade Fahs, Chairman of the Board

CEO and President,
National Vision, Inc.

J. David Chute

Founder and President,
i2C Ventures, LLC

Charles de Gunzburg

FdG Associates LLC

Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene Brand Strategy

Dr. Jordan Kassalow

Founder and Co-Chairman

Jamie Levitt

Morrison & Foerster

Cindy Levine

Cindy Levine Group

Nancy Rosenzweig

Scandinavian Child Inc.

Rahul Saxena

RNS Global, LLC

Brian Trelstad

Bridges Fund Management

Andrea Coravos

Harvard Business School

Kevin Hassey

Former CEO, VisionSpring

Martin Quinn

Associate, Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships

Hi! I’m Martin, a Boston-born 2015 graduate of the University of St Andrews with a Joint Honors degree in Economics and International Relations. I’ve been interested in international development since my early days at college and this has been a unique chance to grow in a field I enjoy with an excellent team. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Kenya and across Europe, including one rather hectic hitch-hiking trip from Edinburgh to Prague. My most listened-to song in 2016 was ‘Get Away’ by The Internet according to Spotify, my favorite TV-show star-ship captain is Captain Reynolds from Firefly and I live in Brooklyn with 3 roommates and a cat named Iris.

What excites you the most about working for Visionspring?

I enjoy getting to meet and work with people in an exciting, dynamic sector that impacts individuals’ lives for the better, and working with a team that’s able to adapt to new challenges!

What’s your first memory of wearing glasses?

While at a Red Sox game in middle school I realized I couldn’t read the scoreboard while everyone else could! My dad brought me into get my eyes checked soon after.



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