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"...we have confidence to invest into their 4 year vision towards 2020 and other people should step into that as well..."


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What does the New York Times call 'the biggest health crisis you’ve never heard of'? You guessed it – vision error. Says the NYT:

“More than a billion people around the world need eyeglasses but don’t have them, researchers say, an affliction long overlooked on lists of public health priorities. Some estimates put that figure closer to 2.5 billion people. They include thousands of nearsighted Nigerian truck drivers who strain to see pedestrians darting across the road and middle-aged coffee farmers in Bolivia whose inability to see objects up close makes it hard to spot ripe beans for harvest.”

The article quotes VisionSpring’s India Country Director Anshu Taneja, who notes that “providing that first pair of glasses is pivotal; people who have experienced the benefits of corrected vision will often buy a second pair if their prescription changes or they lose the glasses they have come to depend on.”
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