Vicky is a VisionSpring vision entrepreneur in El Salvador, she makes about $600 a month selling glasses in her community. Click here to watch a day in the life of Vicky.

Visionspring's Proprietary
Distribution Channels

Traditional optical companies have shown little interest in investing the time or resources required to transform the latent eyeglasses market for the BoP consumer into a viable one.

Previous efforts to address the challenge of vision impairment have included the irregular distribution of donated glasses, and medical interventions such as cataract surgeries that restore vision to older individuals that are already retired from the workforce.

VisionSpring recognizes the potential to have a dramatic impact on development by engaging the BoP, not as a constituency that needs to be served with handouts, but instead as a potential market that can be activated through a high-volume and low-margin approach.  Learn more about how we make markets work. 

In order to address the global eyeglasses market failure affecting 703 million people who could have their vision restored with a pair of glasses, VisionSpring has forged new distribution channels to deliver affordable, high-quality eyeglasses to the BoP consumer.

Hub-and-Spoke Approach

VisionSpring employs a Hub-and-Spoke approach where our optical shops function as hubs and vision entrepreneurs act like spokes conducting outreach in the communities surrounding the optical shops.  All of VisionSpring’s optical shops employ an optometrist capable of conducting comprehensive eye exams and each optical shop has a team of vision entrepreneurs associated with it.

Vision Entrepreneur

Vision entrepreneurs are local people that VisionSpring has trained to conduct vision screenings and educate their communities about the importance of eye care and the benefits of corrected vision.

Vision entrepreneurs conduct vision campaigns in communities that have limited access to eye care services; many individuals that attend our campaigns have never received an eye exam before.

Watch a day in the life of a vision entrepreneur

In El Salvador, vision entrepreneurs work in pairs, usually travelling by local bus, to promote vision campaigns where they will conduct vision screenings, dispense ready-made reading glasses, sunglasses, and over the counter eye drops. Individuals in need of distance vision glasses, or more advanced eye care, are referred to our nearby optical shop where they can visit an optometrist and purchase prescription glasses.

In India, vision entrepreneurs must travel much greater distances to reach our target customers so they travel via VisionSpring van working as a part of a larger team that includes an optometrist able to determine distance prescriptions.

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