A potential customer receives her first eye exam.

Our Partners

By partnering with VisionSpring, you can help provide a health product that enhances the economic productivity of your beneficiaries and strengthens your organization. VisionSpring partners with organizations around the world who wish to purchase glasses and integrate them into their operations. Over the years we've worked with various groups, including microfinance and community health organizations who have understood the life-changing impact glasses can have on individuals. To establish partnerships, VisionSpring utilizes a very straightforward methodology:

1   Determine Model

Vision Entrepreneur (VE) Model
The VE Model allows organizations to train local individuals to earn income and provide a valuable service selling VisionSpring glasses. VEs conduct mobile “Vision Campaigns” and determine whether customers need reading glasses, sunglasses or more complex eye care.
Fixed Location, Clinic, Kiosk Model
For those organizations looking to incorporate eyeglasses into an existing offering of goods and services.
Ongoing Innovation
VisionSpring is also open to understanding specific partner needs and helping design a distribution model that best suits the local context.

2   Determine Order Size

To help launch a partnership, VisionSpring has developed standard packages with varying styles, powers and quantities. These packages incorporate VisionSpring’s most popular styles and powers. Once the glasses have been tested, VisionSpring can adjust the mix of styles based on local preferences for all future orders.

Determining the right order size is instrumental in ensuring your program’s success. VisionSpring will help determine the number of glasses you need based on the number of people you intend to serve.

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3   Order Glasses

VisionSpring sources from leading eyeglass manufacturers and has delivered eyeglasses to over 20 countries. We manage your order from start to finish, ensuring the glasses are completed on time and delivered to the destination of your choice. We also provide all documentation needed to get your goods in and out of customs as quickly as possible.


4   Launch Sustainable Partnership

With each glasses order, VisionSpring provides all necessary training materials at no extra cost. These materials have been influenced by feedback from VisionSpring staff, partners, and vision entrepreneurs around the world. In addition, we are available for ongoing support to work through any challenges and ensure you set up the best long-term program to distribute glasses in your community.


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