Eye Problems


Presbyopia is a natural process whereby the eye loses its ability to focus on nearby objects. Presbyopia is associated with aging and typically develops between the ages of 35 and 40. Our customers often require good up-close vision to perform their work and household duties (i.e. tailors, seamstresses, shoe-makers, teachers, etc.) and to read their phones. Consequently, presbyopia can have a debilitating effect on people’s work and quality of life. An estimated 524 million people suffer from uncorrected presbyopia. Despite its prevalence and enormous impact, presbyopia can be treated with a simple pair of near vision glasses.

Hyperopia is a condition whereby images will appear blurry at close range. This is the result of the eye being too short, the cornea being too flat, or both. This leads to light rays focusing behind the retina. Hyperopia, while similar to presbyopia, can happen at any age. It makes any up-close activities more difficult and often leads to headaches and eyestrain. Farsightedness can be treated with simple pair of near vision glasses. As mentioned above, VisionSpring offers ready-made glasses with lenses ranging from +1.00 diopter to +3.0 diopter.

VisionSpring offers ready-made single vision and bifocal glasses with lenses ranging from +1.00 diopter to +3.0 diopter. Ask us about introducing these products and other eye care services into your operations in order to combat farsightedness.

Myopia is a condition whereby images appear blurry in the distance. This is the result of the eye being too long, the cornea being too steep, or both. This will lead to light rays that focus in front of the retina; thus by the time images hit the retina, they will already be out of focus. Myopia can prevent children from seeing the blackboard clearly, or prevent people from riding their bicycle or motor scooter safely. VisionSpring offers optical kits with frames and a range of loose lenses, which can be inserted into the frame depending on the customer’s needs. Roughly 100 million people are afflicted with uncorrected myopia.

If you are located in India, VisionSpring’s offers comprehensive refractive services in country.  Ask us about how your organization can partner with VisionSpring to bring full refractive services to your area.   We offer optical kits with ready made frames and precut pop-in lenses for those organizations located outside of India.

Other Eye Issues

Astigmatism is a condition whereby images will appear blurry both at long distance and up-close. It can be treated with eyeglasses, but requires lenses that are slightly more advanced than those used for the other refractive errors.  We recommend going to your nearest eye doctor if you suspect that you are suffering from this.

If you are located in India, our team of optometrists can prescribe eyeglasses that correct astigmatism.  As mentioned above, reach out to us if you are interested in either incorporating these services into your operation or want to bring full refractive services to your region.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide and tend to affect people in their later years of life, most commonly in those over 60. A cataract is a disease of the lens, which is responsible for clear, sharp vision. Normally, the lens of the eye is clear, and cataract makes it opaque, which causes vision to become blurry as if looking through a foggy window. In the case of an advanced cataract, the black of the eye turns white. Cataracts can be caused by a number of factors, including diabetes, family history, exposure to UV rays and ocular trauma. Customers should be referred to a local eye clinic or optometrist for council.

Pterygium is a fleshy tissue with a triangular shape that grows from the inner corner of the eye over the cornea towards the pupil. Often times, when a pterygium is growing the eye becomes red, irritated, and painful. The exact cause of a pterygium is not well-known. However, it has been found that continuous exposure to the sun as well as to dry, dusty and windy conditions plays a big role in causing a pterygium to occur. Wearing VisionSpring’s UV protected sunglasses or protectors can reduce the risk of inflammation and prevent the growth of the meaty tissue. Customers suffering from the condition should go to a local pharmacist/chemist to get over-the-counter inflammatory eye drops to ease the discomfort.

Glaucoma is a disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. Since the optic nerve is responsible for carrying light from the retina to the brain, damage to this eye component may result in vision loss. If glaucoma is left untreated it can cause serious damage to the eye and eventually lead to total blindness. Many people have glaucoma, but are unaware of it until it is too late and irreversible vision loss has taken place. Glaucoma occurs when the amount of liquid in the eye increases, causing pressure too high for the eye to bear. Little by little, peripheral vision deteriorates. The patient reports a “tunnel vision” whereby the periphery of an image is extremely blurry. Customers should be referred to a local eye clinic or optometrist for council.

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